Each speaker must present at least 3 ways MSPs can Grow.

Tim Coach

Global Channel Chief - PIA

All Things are Possible Through Automation

Increasing profitability by decreasing helpdesk labor through automation

Michelle Ragusa-McBain

Provider Elevate Leader - Cisco

5 Tips for MSP Success: Learn how to Elevate Your Brand & Your Business

Elevate Your Business with the latest technology, tools, and trends, to help you take your business to new heights. SMBs are easily utilizing technology to enable remote workers and adopting necessary security protocols to thwart the spike in cyber-attacks. This session provides 5 tips in your marketing strategies, content distribution, culture building, technology solutions, and sales outreach to grow your business despite, or because of, the ‘new normal.

Marnie Stockman

CEO - Lifecycle Insights

Insights you can Take to the Bank (again and again and again)

How do you turn 3 ways to grow sales into 9? Multiply by 3! Marnie Stockman, CEO of Lifecycle Insights, will share 3 strategies to 1) use with prospects, 2) drive better QBRs, and 3) scale your customer success process. 3 strategies times 3 opportunities – That’s a lot of bank for your buck.

Cassie Jeppson

Director Channel Program NA - Lenovo

Build Resiliency and Accelerate your MSP Business with Lenovo & Intel


Carson Lindauer

Program Manager - Dell

5 Ways MSPs can thrive with the Dell Expert Network

Michelle Accardi

CEO - Logically

Partnering to Success

Why Providing Cybersecurity Services Through a Master MSSP Makes Financial Sense.

Dave Cava

Business Coach and Recruiting Director Client - Encore

How Fast growth, High profit MSPs Hire Differently

Being hampered by an inability to scale your team at the same speed as the rest of your business is the rule and not the exception for growing MSPs. Generally speaking, MSPs hire reactively using haphazard processes and/or expensive headhunting services and have limited success with the people they bring on, often paying top dollar for mediocrity. Often they go with key positions unfilled for extended periods of time. Mature MSPs don’t hire bodies to fill holes in the org chart, they build teams with foresight and intentionality. They hire high potential people, mentor them to success, and promote them up through the organization. Come hear how a mindset shift in how you hire can transform your business and remove a lot of the pain out of developing a growing team to fit your growing business

Shawn Walsh

CEO - Encore

8 Things That Drive the Value of Your Company

“Whether you want to sell your business – or just know you could – this presentation will show you the eight things that drive the value of a company and provides suggestions on how to dramatically increase the value of their business.

This presentation looks at how to:
Increase your score on each of the eight drivers of company value.
Find strategic buyers for your business.
Structure your business to maximize its value.
Accelerate the pace of positive word-of-mouth for your business.
Boost your company’s cash flow in the same way Harley Davidson finances its business.
Differentiate your business using the same methodology Warren Buffet looks for in the companies he invests in.
Minimize your company’s reliance on your personal involvement using some of the strategies Tim Ferriss used to reduce the time he spent in this business to just four hours a week.”

Cristina Carretero

Senior Manager, MSP Marketing Leader - Egnyte

5 Marketing Hacks to Grow your Business

Join Cristina Carretero, MSP Marketing Leader, to learn 5 different marketing hacks and how to implement them quickly to help grow your business.

Ashish Bambroo

CRO - Anunta DesktopReady

How DaaS (or Virtual Desktops) solve your customer’s biggest needs, and create new ARR for you.

Eric Anthony

Marketing Director, MSP Evangelist - Egnyte

Designing the MSP Business You Want and Clients Need

In this session, Eric Anthony will show how to use a customer experience framework to design a business that meets your needs, the needs of the clients, and retains employees.

Jeremy Young

Director of Partner Strategy - Blumira

Product Led Growth for your MSP Business

Quickly learn about Product Led Growth (PLG) and how it can drive new leads and MRR for your business.

Eric Townsend

Director of US SMB Partner and MSP Marketing - Intel

Learn The 3 Latest Trends In IT Security Impacting The Channel Partners & What You Can Do To Solve Them TODAY

Security breaches are happening in the business marketplace every 60 seconds. What is your plan around mitigating these digital security attacks and putting proactive security infrastructure in place to protect against these attack surfaces? What security solutions will you deploy in 2023 to mitigate multiple ransomware & crypto mining events at your customers? Join this session to learn about the latest security trends and the latest edge technology solutions from Intel that partners can use to limit the impact of the ever growing security threat landscape.

Christy Meaney

NA, Channel & Field Marketing - Cambium

Cambium Networks’ New ONE Network for MSPs Simplifies Operations, Improves Efficiency, and Enables Delivery of Outstanding Online Experiences

In this session, together, we will discover Cambium Networks and how their partner program has evolved to support MSPs. With Cambium’s flexible program created for MSPs, you can grow your business and increase your revenue quickly and easily. You will learn about the Cambium portfolio designed for MSPs, including the launch of their Network Security Edge solution, transforming IT operations, and enabling enterprises to focus on the core business.

Greg Scasny

CTO - Blueshift Cybersecurity

Why You Can’t Defend What You Can’t See: The importance of Visibility for Cyber Defense

Paul Daigle

CEO - BizAdvisory

How much is your MSP worth today and what can it be tomorrow? Receive a blueprint to accelerate your MPS to the next peer group

“The MSP business evaluator tells you what your business is worth (by asking 5 questions) and provides a blueprint for scaling your business to the next level. It establishes a baseline and creates a detailed blueprint needed to accelerate your business to the next peer group and beyond. The blueprint will go as far as to advise you where you should be concentrating your efforts and resources. and provide a business plan including a customized budget.

A business has multiple challenges through its many maturity levels, and the evaluator provides you with the information needed to navigate the resources and effort needed for accelerated growth in the areas of the standard eight business segments, including Financial, Legal, Executive Coaching, Marketing, Sales, HR, Capital, and Industry Standards and Delivery.

Business Evaluator is for anyone who needs to evaluate an MSP for Non-Competitive Interest, Development Capital, Ownership disputes, Potential Sale, Retirement Succession Planning, Investment, Scale Your MSP, or Curiosity”

Amanda Dake

CMO - 7 Figure MSP™

3 Things You Can Do To Grow Your MSP in 2023

Discover 3 simple things you can do now to consistently grow your MSP in 2023

Christian Pacheco

CEO of PIA/Director of VITG

All Things are Possible Through Automation

Increasing profitability by decreasing helpdesk labor through automation

Joe Panettieri

Technology Entrepreneur and Angel Investor

Seven Cybersecurity & Valuation Truths for MSPs and MSSPs

ChannelE2E and MSSP Alert Co-Founder Joe Panettieri reveals profit, growth and valuation trends for MSPs and MSSPs.

Eric Torres

VP, Channel - ScalePad

Becoming a Premier Provider: Proven Growth Traits of Successful MSPs

Growing your MSP to be the top-tier provider in your market isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible either. The good news is that you’re a managed service provider, battle-tested at problem-solving, but some challenges require a bit of backup. Join industry veteran, Eric Torres (VP Channel, ScalePad) as he shares how your MSP can differentiate from the competition, improve its operational maturity, and become the premier provider in a competitive market, all by following a simple framework.

Michael DePalma

VP of Business Development - Datto

How You Can Differentiate Yourself with Cyber Resiliency

Mike DePalma, VP of Business Development at Datto will explain how MSPs have the opportunity to grow their business by creating a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity. During this session, you will learn the state of ransomware today and the basics of a sales cookbook that will grow your business.

Jennifer Reid

Regional Field Marketing Director, North America - WatchGuard

Harnessing The Power Of ABM To Build Your Business

Account Based Marketing might seem out of reach to a lot of MSPs that are short on time and resources, but even the most bandwidth strapped businesses can benefit from understanding what ABM is and how it can help in the sales process. We’ll dive into the concepts that makeup ABM and how you can apply them, no matter the level of marketing you are currently engaged in.